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Time traveller caught on film?

George Clarke is a film-maker from East Belfast, and he loves watching Charlie Chaplin films. He was watching the Hollywood premiere of The Circus (1928), and in one of the scenes, he noticed something very strange.

One of the women walking across the screen is holding a device to her ear. He looked at the scene carefully, and realised that she was actually talking into the device!

Was it a time-traveller using a mobile phone? Or was it just someone who was very good at predicting the future? Remember, this film was made in 1928!

There are two videos below. In the first one, George Clark is explains how he discovered the strange footage. It takes him a long time to get to the point; hasn’t he heard of a film editor?? The second video shows the actual scene with the woman (who actually looks like a man!); it doesn’t have any introduction or voice-over from the film-maker.

So, is the ‘woman’ a time-traveller or a super-smart genius who looked into the future and saw it was orange? 🙂


Cool Tipp-Ex advert

Check out this really cool advert from Tipp-Ex. They have made an interactive YouTube video involving a hunter and a bear. I won’t say anymore so I don’t ruin the ending, but I highly recommend you watch it. Enjoy.

Animals have feelings too!

I saw a video on Facebook of a heroic dog in Chile. Earlier, another dog had run into the middle of the motorway, and it got knocked down. The  hero dog somehow managed to evade several speeding cars, before reaching the first dog that had been run over.

It started to drag the first dog with its paws, and eventually dragged it to the side of the motorway. Some workmen saw what was happening, and they tried to help the hero dog. However, it ran away.

In the video I was watching, the news presenter said that both dogs lived. Unfortunately, I checked several other videos on YouTube, and they all said that the first dog had already been killed. While it’s sad to hear the story didn’t have a happy ending, it doesn’t take anything away from the brave and caring nature of the second dog.

YouTube always provides a list of similar videos, so naturally, I came across another heart-warming video involving injured dogs and motorways. By the way, I prefer cats to dogs, and I think that cats are way too smart to do silly things like running onto motorways! 😀 😉

Blog editor: I would suggest replacing the word “smart” with “lazy”!

Once again, a dog ran onto the motorway and (surprise, surprise!) it got knocked over – what is it with dogs and motorways, anyway??

What was so nice about this story was that one of the dog’s puppies ran onto the road after its mom, and STOPPED the traffic!

It was a puppy, but it was quite a big puppy (not a cute, easy-to-squish-with-your-car kind of puppy). The dog was running round its mom and it kept barking at the cars, so they all eventually had to stop.

Eventually, the police managed to take the injured dog to an animal hospital, and the owner (who saw the drama unfold on TV), came to take away the courageous pup.

The Most Interesting Man in the World

As you can see, I’m still having fun watching Dos Equis adverts on YouTube. I like the music, the  actor who plays the “most interesting” man, the funny scenes in the ads and the deep voice overs.

They also remind me of some of my friends who also like doing ‘interesting’ things. One of my friends in Japan is always doing interesting activities, and thanks to her Facebook status updates, the rest of her friends can see what she has been up to.

It’s the same here in London. One of my friends is always doing interesting things. When I say ‘interesting’, I’m talking about fun activities which most people wouldn’t normally do.

A couple of months ago, my friend went  to a silent disco event. It’s like going to a night club, but you have to listen to the music through wireless headphones. Some of the people in the club will be listening to one kind of music, while the rest are listening to another kind of music. Here’s a YouTube clip showing a silent disco event in Reading.

Another friend of mine went to a chess boxing event. The two opponents start off by playing a round of chess, and then they have a round of boxing. In total, they battle for 11 rounds, and you can win the match by either check-mating your opponent, or by knocking them out. This BBC World video explains it so much better.

I’ve always said that I want to do more interesting activities, and these “most interesting man” adverts have reminded me of that. I always plan to do things, but never seem to get round to doing them. From now on, I’m going to do one ‘interesting’ activity every two weeks. I will use newspapers (like The Metro and The Evening Standard), magazines (like Timeout) and websites (like View London) to search for cool events that are taking place in the UK.  Wish me luck! 🙂

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