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I was talking to a close friend of mine and she said that I sounded too cautious in my blog postings. She also made some comments about my style of writing. I was glad to hear her comments, because I think it’s the only way I can learn how to improve my blog.

My friend has known me for almost 10 years, so she could easily see the difference between my normal speaking/writing style and the way I write on my blog. I know that some of my posts might contain factual or grammatical errors….

Blog editor: Don’t blame me! I’ve been busy working on the blogs of people who actually pay me!

… and I wouldn’t mind if someone pointed them out to me. I also know that some of the posts might be too long or a bit boring. Please let me know! 🙂 My email address is Thanks in advance!


Advice for writers by Oon Yeoh

I found these 12 tips for writers on Oon Yeoh’s blog. Oon Yeoh is an experienced Malaysian writer and I think his tips are very useful for budding writers like myself. I’m going to keep referring to them when I write articles in the future.

1. Love Writing
2. Love Reading
3. Find Role Models
4. Be a Specialist
5. Be Versatile
6. Be Your Own Harshest Critic
7. Be a Stickler for Accuracy
8. Be Smart with Numbers
9. Write Tightly
10. Add Color
11. Write the Way You Speak
12. Assume They Don’t Know & Don’t Care

Click here for the full article.

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