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Carling League Cup draw versus UEFA Champions League draw

***** Looong football post! Apologies to those who hate football! *****

I sat and watched the draw for the UEFA Champions League a couple of days ago. It was big, flashy affair and it seemed to go on forever! Well, 30 minutes.

The UEFA Champions League is the largest tournament in European club football. This was the draw to determine which groups the best 32 club sides would play in.

My team (Manchester United) is going to play against Valencia, Rangers and Bursaspor (from Turkey). As for the others… who cares about the others? I mean, really, who cares? 🙂

I really wish they could speed it up! The only thing the officials had to do was take some balls out of one goldfish bowl and put them into another goldfish bowl. By the way, each ball represented a football club.

Unfortunately, one of the presenters insisted on telling us the rules in great detail. Boring! To be honest, I was happy when it was all over.

Okay, so it took me all that time to describe the Champions League draw. Now, for the Carling League Cup draw.

The Carling League Cup is a knockout competition played between club sides in English football. They had the draw for the 3rd round today. Just like the Champions League draw, this stage of the competition involves 32 teams.

This time, there were only two goldfish bowls, and they contained blocks instead of balls. Each block represented a football club. A block was taken out of the first bowl and it was paired with a block from the second bowl.

The whole draw took less than 5 minutes. It was great. That’s how to do a football draw.


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