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Interesting thing number 1

I went to an exhibition called “Sargent and the Sea” at the Royal Academy of Arts. I went with two friends of mine who are members of the Royal Academy of Arts (aka Friends of the RA). That’s how I managed to get in for free. 🙂

John Singer Sargent was a painter who was known for his glamourous society portraits. However, he also did many paintings of the sea and these were the paintings on display in this exhibition. He did the paintings in places like Paris and Venice. It was his wife who convinced him to leave America and travel around Europe, so he’s got a lot to thank her for.

I really enjoyed the exhibition. John Sargent was a really good painter. A lot of the paintings were of boats, beaches and of the sea. He also painted people on the beaches and the boats. I wouldn’t pay money to go there, but it was a nice, small exhibition nonetheless.


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