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Saudi prince jailed for life

From the Daily Mirror’s website:

“A Saudi prince who used his servant as a “human punchbag” was jailed for life [on Wednesday] for beating and strangling him to death at a luxury hotel. Saud Abdulaziz bin Nasser al Saud, 34, showed no emotion as he was told at the Old Bailey he must serve at least 20 years in jail.”

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The victim, Bandar Abdulaziz, 32, was attacked by the prince several times when they stayed at the Landmark Hotel in February this year. Staff at the hotel said they appeared to be in a relationship, and the prosecutor said there was a “sexual element” to the abuse.

The prince's victim, Bandar Abdulaziz (Picture courtesy of BBC News website)

The prince denied he was gay, saying that he had a girlfriend in Saudi Arabia. He also said that his manservant had been robbed three weeks earlier, and said that his injuries had come from that incident.

However, the post mortem showed that the injuries were fresh. The prince was also implicated by video footage which showed him attacking his manservant in a lift. Bandar Abdulaziz didn’t fight back; he allowed the prince to slap and punch him, while he merely tried to protect his face.

I feel sorry for the victim. Only God knows how long he had to put up with this stupid prince and his unrealistic view of world. I wonder how many other servants are suffering at the hands of princes and princesses in Saudi Arabia today.

If he had survived, Bandar Abdulaziz would have continued to be bullied and beaten by his ‘master’.  If this had happened in Saudi Arabia, we would never have heard of the awful way he was being treated. I wish it had never happened, but since it did happen, I’m glad it took place in Britain.

The stupid prince was trying to claim diplomatic immunity to avoid getting into trouble. Let’s see if your fellow prisoners are kind enough to give you diplomatic immunity in the prison showers. From palace to prison – talk about ‘fall from grace’ for the grandson of the late King Saud.

I wonder how the prince’s father felt as he sat in court, watching his son being sentenced to at least 20 years in prison. He’s probably blaming the manservant for dying and ruining his son’s life!


Evil teamwork

This is a follow-up to the opinion piece I posted on 28th August. I wrote about LP Ariyawathie, the woman from Sri Lanka who moved to Saudi Arabia to work as a housemaid. She was subjected to a month of torture, and returned to Sri Lanka with 24 nails and needles in her body.

I was listening to The Young Turks podcast, and I learnt a bit more about the story. Apparently, she was tortured by a husband and wife. The wife would heat the needles up, and the husband would then insert them into her body.

They inserted the nails and needles into her hands, knees and ankles. They even managed to insert one into her forehead! Talk about evil teamwork!

How did they end up like this? Either, one half of the couple strongly influenced the other half, or they were both like this before they met each other. This is what happens when people have more power than they deserve or can handle.

I am sure we would all be shocked if this had been done to an animal, yet it was done to a fellow human being. What did they think would happen afterwards? Did they think the nails would somehow dissolve into Ms Ariyawathie’s blood and noone would find out? Finally, did they really think they could get away with it?

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