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I was too tired to read my textbook today, so I did some lab work on my computer equipment instead. I really want to finish my textbook because I’ve got only 3 chapters to go, but I was tired after work and watched Vexed on the BBC iPlayer instead.

It’s about two detectives, DI Kate Bishop (played by Lucy Punch) and DI Jack Armstrong (played by Toby Stephens) who have a different approach to solving crimes. Kate is serious and organised while Jack is laid-back, disorganised and insensitive. Needless to say, they disagreed on most things, but seemed to enjoy working with each other.

I really enjoyed it because they were supposed to be solving a crime, but were going about it in a very funny and incompetent way. It made a welcome change from all the serious crime dramas on TV.

There was one scene where they were eating doughnuts while waiting for a phone call from a kidnapper. When the phone eventually started ringing, they insisted on cleaning their lips and fingers first before even bothering to answer the phone. It was simple but amusing.

Unfortunately, the series is only 3 episodes long, and the episode I watched was the final one, so catch it on the iPlayer while you still can.


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