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A new home for Hicks and Gillett

I’m a Manchester United fan, but I’m really glad to see the backs of Hicks and Gillett. They are the former owners of Liverpool Football Club, and they placed the club into a lot of debt. They owed £237m to the Royal Bank of Scotland, and today was the deadline for repayment of the loan. They actually wanted to borrow more money to meet today’s deadline!

My club is also in debt. A lot of debt. According to this article in The Guardian, Manchester United owes £225m in high-interest PIK loans (no, I don’t know what a PIK loan is either!). We also have more than £520m in bond debt on our balance sheet. It sounds like a lot debt to me, but at least we are still winning trophies.

Anyway, now that the Chilean miners have escaped from the San Jose mine, I think it would make the perfect home for Hicks and Gillett. Not FOREVER, obviously! Just for a week or two, so they can have time to think about what they have done to the most successful club in English football history.

They bought the club in 2007 for £174m and now they are being forced to sell it for £300m (with most of the money being used to pay off the debts). Hicks and Gillett are going to lose A LOT of money in this deal. No wonder they were desperate to cling on to the club!

This is what all Liverpool fans have hoped for, and today I feel really happy for them. Only today though. Tomorrow, I’ll go back to my old Liverpool-hating ways. Good luck for the future, but I hope we continue to spank you guys home and away! 😉


Football, then more football

I played football today for the first time in ages! I was in two minds about going to play today, but I’m glad I decided to go.

Six versus Seven

I played in goal at the start of the match, and made a couple of world-class saves! 😀 We always switch keepers once we concede a goal, so after I conceded a goal, I moved out and played in attack. It was a 6 v 7 game because one of the players didn’t turn up.

I’m still not as fit as I’d like to be, and I kept running out of breath during the first 20 minutes of our game. The whole match lasted for just over an hour. I got better towards the end, and scored a couple of goals too. My side won the game, but we had 7 players on our team, so we had an extra man advantage.

Manchester United v Liverpool

I then met one of my friends in a pub in Angel and watched the Manchester United v Liverpool game at Old Trafford. The pub showed the match on a giant projection screen so it was really cool. Unfortunately, two guys were standing and watching the match in the middle of the pub, and they were blocking my view.

Manchester United scored a goal (through Berbatov) just before half-time, and the scores were 1-0 at the interval. I got up to buy a drink, and kindly asked one of  the guys if he would move slightly, as he was blocking my view.

Angry Liverpool fans

It was then I realised they were Liverpool fans (angry Liverpool fans!); they said they’d been standing there since the start of the game, and that I should move instead. Idiots! I just left them and carried on watching the game as best I could.

Steven Gerrard – captain fantastic!

Berbatov scored a wonderful second goal in the 59th minute, so I thought we had won the match. However, our defence has been so poor lately (please come back from injury Rio Ferdinand!), and Liverpool scored 2 goals in 6 minutes! The first was a penalty (which Gerrard scored) and the second was a free kick (which Gerrard scored again!). We need a midfielder like Steven Gerrard!

He who laughs last….

The Liverpool fan who had told me to get lost earlier was so happy that he ran towards the big screen and screamed at the top of his voice. The things football does to people! I had the last laugh though, as Berbatov completed his hat-trick in the 84th minute, and we hung on to win the match 3-2. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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