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Who wants £200 for free?

It’s not a bad offer until you learn that there are two catches:

a) You have to be a drug addict and
b) You have to agree to be sterilised and never have children again.

An American charity called Projection Prevention is offering £200 to drug addicts who agree to be sterilised. It was founded by Barbara Harris, who thought of the idea after adopting the children of a drug addict. The children’s mother was addicted to drugs and alcohol, and she had given birth to a child every year for 8 years in a row.

So far, the charity has paid money to 3,500 Americans to stop them from having children. Each person was paid 300 dollars. Projection Prevention is now bringing the idea to the UK, and they have already paid one man £200 to get sterilised.

I watched Newsnight on BBC 2 and they had a special report on the issue. The reporter said that 100 babies were being born every month to drug addicts in the UK. They then showed a baby inside a hospital incubator. It had been born 2 months premature, and it was screaming non-stop because it was addicted to heroin!

The baby was going ‘cold turkey‘ because it no longer had the heroin that it used to get from its mother.

Over 100 British drug addicts have already called the 0800 number, and I hope that more of them do the same. People who are against this idea say it is inhumane, as drug addicts are incapable of making clear decisions. They also say that the addicts will use the money to buy more drugs.

Barbara Harris feels that people who are incapable of making clear decisions should not be having babies in the first place. I’m inclined to agree with her.


Cow Beauty Soap

Yes, you’re looking at lots of bars of soap. Cow Beauty Soap, to be exact. Made in Japan. All brought into the UK as gifts from my generous Japanese friends.

A friend of mine told me that she LOVED Cow Beauty Soap and asked me to get some flown in from Japan. I used it a few times when I lived in Japan, but I didn’t really think much of it.  I mean, it was soap! Are there really any differences between different brands of soap??

I asked my friends if they could bring me some Cow Beauty soap (soap!) whenever they came to England on holiday (yeah, those were very embarrassing conversations!) and, as you can see, they kindly obliged.

It’s funny because my friends have stopped bringing gifts for me but have continued to bring gifts for my friend (who they don’t even know!). 😀

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