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Another good website for writers

The BBC website is my favourite website. They cover a lot of things I like, including football, politics, technology and languages. I’ve now discovered that they also have a section which covers writing. I saw the BBC College of Journalism (CoJo) website two nights ago, and I spent a long time reading through it.

Writing Masterclass

I first looked at a Writing Masterclass video presented by Allan Little. He works for the BBC as a special correspondent. The video was created for radio journalists, but a lot of the advice was useful for print journalists too. He said that journalists need to use short, clear words in their writing. I don’t think I do enough of this. I’m going to focus on keeping my sentences short and simple.

Read read read!

He also said that writers need to spend a lot of their time reading. We should read novels and poems, and make a note of the sentences that we like. I need to do more reading. I’ll try to read novels by respected writers like Ernest Hemingway, O. Henry, Virgina Woolf, George Orwell and Agatha Christie.

Writing do’s and don’ts

I also looked at the Writing section. It is divided into the following sections:

More reading to do

I thought I had read everything in the above sections, but today I realised that I hadn’t. I had ignored many ‘boring’ sections to get to the ones which looked more fun and interesting. I want to learn as much as possible from this website, so I’m going to go back to the sections I that I’d ignored. I still have lots of reading to do.


Advice for writers by Oon Yeoh

I found these 12 tips for writers on Oon Yeoh’s blog. Oon Yeoh is an experienced Malaysian writer and I think his tips are very useful for budding writers like myself. I’m going to keep referring to them when I write articles in the future.

1. Love Writing
2. Love Reading
3. Find Role Models
4. Be a Specialist
5. Be Versatile
6. Be Your Own Harshest Critic
7. Be a Stickler for Accuracy
8. Be Smart with Numbers
9. Write Tightly
10. Add Color
11. Write the Way You Speak
12. Assume They Don’t Know & Don’t Care

Click here for the full article.

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