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September 27th

I’ve finally chosen the date of my I.T. exam. I kept postponing it and postponing it, but I can’t put it off for much longer. This exam (Cisco CCNP Switch 642-813) is only the first of three exams that I have to take.

Once I pass all three exams, I will move up the certification ladder (from my current CCNA certification to a CCNP one). Basically, I will learn how to configure the equipment that is used to connect large organisations to the internet.

I feel a bit silly, to be honest. I remember having to take so many exams at university, and here am I, making a big deal over ONE single exam! Dear oh dear!

Anyway, I’ve now chosen the exam date and I went for September 27th, which is exactly a month from now. It’s also the birthday of a close friend of mine, so hopefully it will be a day of double celebration.

I’m glad that I now have a deadline that I can work towards. I definitely achieve more things when I set myself goals and targets. I’m going to have to start writing a daily to-do list to get myself more focused on the things I want to achieve.


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