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Disaster averted

I’m glad the so-called ‘pastor’ Terry Jones decided not to go ahead with his decision to burn 20 Qurans on September 11. He claimed that Feisal Abdul Rauf, the imam behind the controversial “Ground Zero Mosque”, promised to move the proposed cultural site to another location. He said that this was the reason his church was not going to burn the Qurans.

Thankfully, the imam said this was not true. I’m glad they didn’t take the publicity-seeking pastor (who has a church of less than 30 members) seriously. However, it’s sad to hear that a few people were killed in eastern Afghanistan during protests against the initial decision to burn the Qurans.

These are people who would probably still be alive if this ‘man of God’ hadn’t announced he was going to burn the holiest book in Islam. I wonder how he would feel if someone decided to hold a ‘Burn a Bible’ event on December 25. We can only hope he crawls back under whatever stone he was living under, and that the media stops giving him the attention he desperately craves.


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