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Shutter Island review (part one)

I’d been planning to watch Shutter Island ever since I saw Inception a couple of weeks ago.  Both  films starred Leonardo DiCaprio as the main character, and they both used dreams as a main part of the story. Inception was directed by my favourite movie director Christopher Nolan, while Shutter Island was directed by Martin Scorsese.

I think both films are slightly similar, so I’ve realised that I can’t talk about Shutter Island without comparing it with Inception. As Inception is still out in the cinema, I don’t want to discuss it in case I ruin it for people.

Blog Editor: “How many people do you think are actually reading this blog???”

Moja: “Shut up!”

Anyway, I will discuss both movies at a later date. I was impressed with Shutter Island and I remembered seeing an article on The Guardian about its ambiguous ending. I went searching for it on the web, and stumbled across another website which discussed the ending in great detail:

I read some of the comments on the website, and one person mentioned that this kind of movie had already been done before. Why was I not surprised! It seems like most movies nowadays are just re-makes of earlier ones. Apparently, Shutter Island was similar to a movie called The Ninth Configuration, which was made in 1981. I might have to watch it…

I also checked out some comments made on The Guardian’s website. It’s interesting how some people thought Shutter Island was amazing, some people disagreed on the meaning of the ending, and other people thought is was absolutely awful. As I said before, I really liked it (the music, the behaviour of the staff on the island, the dreams etc) and I will review it properly in the near future.


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