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Rooney is staying at Manchester United

(I know… ANOTHER post about Wayne Rooney!!! This is what football does to us fans!)

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“Wayne Rooney has agreed a new 5 year contract to stay at Manchester United until at least June 2015. The agreement follows intensive discussions between the Club and the player’s representatives and means that by the end of his contract Wayne will have been a Manchester United player for 11 years.”

Click here for the rest of the story.

Here are some extracts from the statement:

Sir Alex Ferguson: “I’m pleased he has accepted the challenge to guide the younger players and establish himself as one of United’s great players. It shows character and belief in what we stand for.

“I’m sure everyone involved with the Club will now get behind Wayne and show him the support he needs to produce the performances we know he is capable of.”

Wayne Rooney: “I’m signing a new deal in the absolute belief that the management, coaching staff, board and owners are totally committed to making sure United maintains its proud winning history – which is the reason I joined the Club in the first place.

“I’m sure the fans over the last week have felt let down by what they’ve read and seen.  But my position was from concern over the future.  The fans have been brilliant with me since I arrived and it’s up to me through my performances to win them over again.”

Moja: “I wonder how much ‘ambition’ Manchester United are paying Rooney every week…. Seriously, though, this was all about money. Rooney said he was concerned about the club’s ‘future’. Now that his agent has negotiated a new deal, Rooney’s future, sorry, I meant the club’s future is now secure. 😉

Rio Ferdinand tweeted that today was a good day, and now we know why. I hope this gives the club a huge lift, and I hope we use this news to improve our performances this season.

Rooney has now apologised to Sir Alex Ferguson and to other Manchester United football players. I’m sure the fans are waiting for their own apology too.”

Rooney saga timeline:

1) News gets leaked that Rooney is thinking of leaving. Man Utd 0 – 0 Rooney.

2) Sir Alex Ferguson releases his statement. Man Utd 1 – 0 Rooney.

3) Wayne Rooney release his statement. Man Utd 2 – 0 Rooney.

4) Fans and other managers criticise Rooney. Man Utd 3 – 0 Rooney.

5) Rooney signs new deal, gets the money he wants. Man Utd 4 – 2 Rooney.

I wonder how Manchester City feel. It looks like Rooney and his agents were using them as a way to increase his new wage package at United. More importantly, I wonder how Uncle Woy feels now that Liverpool’s relegation saga will soon be back in the headlines! 🙂


Who wants £200 for free?

It’s not a bad offer until you learn that there are two catches:

a) You have to be a drug addict and
b) You have to agree to be sterilised and never have children again.

An American charity called Projection Prevention is offering £200 to drug addicts who agree to be sterilised. It was founded by Barbara Harris, who thought of the idea after adopting the children of a drug addict. The children’s mother was addicted to drugs and alcohol, and she had given birth to a child every year for 8 years in a row.

So far, the charity has paid money to 3,500 Americans to stop them from having children. Each person was paid 300 dollars. Projection Prevention is now bringing the idea to the UK, and they have already paid one man £200 to get sterilised.

I watched Newsnight on BBC 2 and they had a special report on the issue. The reporter said that 100 babies were being born every month to drug addicts in the UK. They then showed a baby inside a hospital incubator. It had been born 2 months premature, and it was screaming non-stop because it was addicted to heroin!

The baby was going ‘cold turkey‘ because it no longer had the heroin that it used to get from its mother.

Over 100 British drug addicts have already called the 0800 number, and I hope that more of them do the same. People who are against this idea say it is inhumane, as drug addicts are incapable of making clear decisions. They also say that the addicts will use the money to buy more drugs.

Barbara Harris feels that people who are incapable of making clear decisions should not be having babies in the first place. I’m inclined to agree with her.

Wayne Rooney might be leaving Man Utd

A lot of the sports journalists on Twitter are claiming that Wayne Rooney will soon be leaving Manchester United. Apparently, Rooney has told the club that he won’t be signing a new contract. 😯

How dare he??? 😡 Players don’t leave Man U, Man U leaves players!!! 👿 👿 👿

Alright alright, everybody calm down! I’m only joking.

Blog editor: “Everybody calm down”? Isn’t that what Cenk Uygur is always saying?

(Cenk Uygur is pronounced “Jenk Yu-gar”)

Moja: You mean Cenk Uygur, the host of The Young Turks, the best political & entertainment show on the web and the leader of the TYT Army? Yes, I’m borrowing one of his lines. And I intend to borrow more of them in the future.

Blog editor: Just stick to one point. You were talking about Rooney…

Moja: Oh yeah, Rooney.

I think players have the right to move on to another club if they want to. People are always leaving their jobs to get better ones elsewhere, and no-one should be surprised to learn that football players want to do the same. <— Blog editor: Long sentence!

I hope Rooney stays at Manchester United, but if he does decide to leave, I wish him all the best.

Goodbye and good riddance

From the BBC News website:

“An Anglican congregation in Kent has become the first to take up the Pope’s offer to leave the Church of England to convert to Catholicism. The Pope has created a special enclave in the Roman Catholic Church for Anglicans unhappy with their church’s decision to let women become bishops.”

Click here for the rest of the article.

Where do I start? I can’t believe there are some Christians out there who are actually unhappy with the idea of women becoming bishops.

A bishop is a church leader who has spiritual and administrative powers over a group of churches in the same area (or diocese). –

Were these same Christians unhappy when they heard that Margaret Thatcher was going to become Prime Minister of Britain?

Are they upset with their daughters when they choose to become doctors, lawyers and politicians? Surely not! I bet they encourage their daughters to choose whatever career they like, and I’m sure most of these people believe in equality in the workplace.

Why do they feel so differently about women getting higher positions within the church?

Imagine if BBC had written an article containing the following sentence:

“The Barclays Bank chairman has created a special department in Barclays for HSBC bankers unhappy with their bank’s decision to let women become bank managers.”

Everyone in the country would be furious, and rightly so. The way I see it, if these people want to leave the Anglican church, they should go. They certainly won’t be missed!

I’ll continue this in another post to stop it from getting too long.

Drill reaches Chiliean miners’ chamber

Good news!

From the BBC News website:

“Rescuers have drilled through to the underground chamber where 33 Chilean miners have been trapped since August. The breakthrough at the San Jose mine came shortly after 0800 local time (1200 GMT), sparking celebrations. It means efforts to remove the miners through the tunnel should begin within days.”

Click here for the rest of the story.

This is wonderful news. Every time I hear about the miners, I keep hoping that they all make it out alive.  They have been trapped deep underground since 5 August, and they initially lost contact with the outside world for 17 days! It’s hard to imagine how they are feeling. I hope they all become millionaires when they return to the surface.

Bride Trafficking Unveiled

Last month, I watched a documentary on Current TV called Bride Trafficking Unveiled. It was about the rise of mail-order brides in the UK and Ireland. It was presented by journalist Laura Barry, who visited Thailand and the Philippines to further investigate the issue.


She first interviewed a satisfied ‘older gentlemen’ and his young Thai wife.  They initially got married in Thailand, but according to him, it wasn’t a legal wedding; they had to re-marry once he brought her back to the United Kingdom. They now have three young children.

When asked how he knew she was the one, he said he was impressed with the way she started hanging up his clothes when they entered his hotel room. Charming!

He also said she would call him at work and ask for permission to go down the road to meet her friend. He seemed to be the one doing most of the talking, while she sat there, quietly looking at him.

‘Western men don’t cheat’

Next, she went to Thailand and met two women who were hoping to join an agency that matched Thai girls with Western men. They told her they liked Western men because they treated their women with respect.

One girl said that Western men never cheated on their wives or girlfriends. I don’t know where she got that idea from, but it was obvious that they both imagined a better life outside Thailand.

Sex bars or marrying foreigners

We were shown around the slums of Bangkok so we could better understand why many girls wanted to leave the country. The girls didn’t have much choice. They came from poor families and they were expected to find ways of earning money. They could either work in sex bars, where they were forced into prostitution and subjected to violence, or they could find a foreign husband.

Background checks

Bride agencies do background checks on prospective girls before they are allowed to sign up. One agency owner said he was looking for girls between the ages 18 to 40. The women had to be unmarried (which makes sense) and could not work in a bar for a living. He was asked if he did any background checks on the Western men who came to ‘buy’ the girls, but he said it was too expensive to do so.

‘No rights under UK law’

As you might have expected, a lot of the girls ended up with abusive, dominating husbands. They wanted wives who were obedient and easy-to-control. Some of the Thai girls became very depressed after moving to the United Kingdom, but apparently, they did not have many rights under UK law. Laura meets a woman who has set up a safe house for Thai women who have suffered abuse at the hands of their husbands.

Everyone’s a loser

Laura also meets a man who has spent most of his savings on mail-order brides. He kept telling lies to the agencies about his age and his circumstance, and they kept sending him new brides. It was suggested that he was mentally disabled, and that unscrupulous bride agencies were taking advantage of him. This poor man, along with the poor girls from Thailand and the Philippines, was part of a long list of people who were losing out in the mail-order bride industry.

Greedy George to release Star Wars in 3D

From the BBC News website:

“The entire Star Wars film saga is to be converted into 3D, director George Lucas has announced. A statement on the Star Wars website said: “The cutting edge conversion will take that immersion to the next thrilling level.”

“Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace is expected to be released in 2012, with the other films to follow.” Check out the rest of the story here.

Several people (including me)  predicted that George Lucas would release a 3D version of Star Wars. I’m sure many Star Wars fans were happy when they heard the news, but I’m not sure if it’s a good idea. I really enjoyed watching Avatar in 3D, but it was filmed using special 3D cameras (the Fusion Camera System). I do not, however, like the idea of converting 2D movies into 3D.

The tickets for 3D movies cost more money and some people have complained of having headaches after watching films in 3D. I haven’t seen any of the ‘converted’ movies, and I don’t intend to. I think they are perfectly fine in 2D. Why are these studio execs so greedy? How many times is George Lucas going to squeeze money out of the Star Wars movies? The first Star Wars film came out in 1977. Surely the time has come for him to leave the film alone, and to work on new ideas.

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