George Clarke is a film-maker from East Belfast, and he loves watching Charlie Chaplin films. He was watching the Hollywood premiere of The Circus (1928), and in one of the scenes, he noticed something very strange.

One of the women walking across the screen is holding a device to her ear. He looked at the scene carefully, and realised that she was actually talking into the device!

Was it a time-traveller using a mobile phone? Or was it just someone who was very good at predicting the future? Remember, this film was made in 1928!

There are two videos below. In the first one, George Clark is explains how he discovered the strange footage. It takes him a long time to get to the point; hasn’t he heard of a film editor?? The second video shows the actual scene with the woman (who actually looks like a man!); it doesn’t have any introduction or voice-over from the film-maker.

So, is the ‘woman’ a time-traveller or a super-smart genius who looked into the future and saw it was orange? đŸ™‚


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