Ferguson responds to Rooney

Manchester United played against Bursaspor in the Champion’s League tonight. The match was played at Old Trafford, and we won it 1-0; Nani scored the goal and it was a really good strike. 🙂

After the match, Sir Alex Ferguson was asked for his reaction to Wayne Rooney’s statement. This is what he said:

“I haven’t read Wayne Rooney’s statement, but we’ll have a view on it tomorrow and probably put it to bed tomorrow. As I said, the door is open. We keep good players, particularly when they are that young. He wants assurances? Have I won 30 trophies or what?!”

Ferguson also came out with his own version of “the grass is always greener on the other side”:

“Sometimes you look in a field and see a cow,” he said. “You think it is a better cow than the one you see in your field. It never really works out that way. Some players like to think the world is better somewhere else. It never really works.”

When I first read Rooney’s statement, I was worried about the state of our club. However, I’ve thought about it some more, and I now feel that he’s insulted his manager and his teammates.

We were an ambitious club before he joined us and we will still be an ambitious club after he has gone. Rooney is talking as if we’ve failed to qualify for the Champion League and are currently battling against relegation. Someone should remind him that we won the Premier League title in 2009. Idiot! 👿


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