Goodbye and good riddance

From the BBC News website:

“An Anglican congregation in Kent has become the first to take up the Pope’s offer to leave the Church of England to convert to Catholicism. The Pope has created a special enclave in the Roman Catholic Church for Anglicans unhappy with their church’s decision to let women become bishops.”

Click here for the rest of the article.

Where do I start? I can’t believe there are some Christians out there who are actually unhappy with the idea of women becoming bishops.

A bishop is a church leader who has spiritual and administrative powers over a group of churches in the same area (or diocese). –

Were these same Christians unhappy when they heard that Margaret Thatcher was going to become Prime Minister of Britain?

Are they upset with their daughters when they choose to become doctors, lawyers and politicians? Surely not! I bet they encourage their daughters to choose whatever career they like, and I’m sure most of these people believe in equality in the workplace.

Why do they feel so differently about women getting higher positions within the church?

Imagine if BBC had written an article containing the following sentence:

“The Barclays Bank chairman has created a special department in Barclays for HSBC bankers unhappy with their bank’s decision to let women become bank managers.”

Everyone in the country would be furious, and rightly so. The way I see it, if these people want to leave the Anglican church, they should go. They certainly won’t be missed!

I’ll continue this in another post to stop it from getting too long.

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