We had our fourth lesson today. I think there were about 14 students in today’s class.


We had to bring in quotes from experts. One of my friends is the UK’s number 1 expert on bats (well, I think she is), so I asked her some questions about bats (did you know that bats eat up to 3,000 insects a night?). I’m starting to like bats! 🙂

We had to put the quote into a story, and I had to go first. The teacher said she was impressed, and the class spent the next 5 minutes discussing how we could write a feature on bats. Maybe I could pitch the idea to Readers Digest.

Surprising magazine articles

We were each given magazines and we had to guess what kind of people read them. We then had to look through each magazine and find articles which we were not expecting inside them.

I found an article on paper. The writer started by asking the reader to look around them, and notice how much paper was being used (for coffee cups, shopping bags, train tickets, novels, posters etc).

Pitch your idea to many different editors

I found it in a magazine called Geographical, which is described on its website as being about “culture, wildlife, exploration and adventure”. If you can prove to an editor that your article has a connection with their magazine, it is possible for you to get it published in the magazine.

How to do interviews

We were given a handout on how to interview people. Two students did a role-play (one student played Vince Cable and the other student played the role of the interviewer). It was good. The teacher showed us how to make the interviewee feel comfortable, and how to tease valuable quotes out of them. We learnt a lot of things today, and I really enjoyed today’s class.


Comments on: "Introduction to Freelance Journalism – Week 4" (1)

  1. I’ve just watched the president of Chile (Sebastian Pinera) being interviewed on the BBC. The interviewer (Tim Wilcox) asked the questions in a way that got the president to provide him with some excellent quotes.

    He was asked if this rescue would change international perception of Chile as people usually associate Chile with the Pinochet coup.

    The billionaire president (as the BBC love to call him) then said that he hoped that people will start to associate Chile with this wonderful rescue, and not with Pinochet’s coup.

    I’m sure I’ve already seen that quote in one of the stories published today.

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