My new voice recorder

I recently bought a voice recorder and it arrived yesterday. It’s the Philips LFH0622 Voice Tracer; it stores voice recordings as mp3 files and it comes with a mini USB cable, so the files can be transferred on to a computer.

It has a capacity of 2GB and it also has a voice-activated recording feature – look, no hands! 🙂 The picture below is from Comet’s website, however, I bought mine on eBay for a much cheaper price.

I did not buy it because I love the sound of my own voice – no way! 😀 I bought it because I am always thinking of ideas for articles and stories, and I sometimes think of the conversations my characters will have in a story. Unfortunately, the ideas seem to disappear from my head before I get a chance to write them down, or type them into a computer.

It might also come in handy for interviews that I may have to record in the future. Our journalism homework for this week is to record some quotes from subject experts. Maybe I’m slowly turning into an amateur journalist.

I will not be using it to record all my thoughts. Imagine if you spent a whole day recording every single thought you made! It could put you in a lot of trouble!


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