This is a real football result. Leeds United played against Preston North End earlier this evening and the scores ended 6-4 to Preston. At one point, Preston were losing 4-1 to Leeds, yet they managed to pull it round, scoring their 6th goal in the 79th minute of the match. I feel like I’m 4-1 down at the moment, but I’m sure I will win 6-4 in the end. 🙂

Room search update: I went to see two places today. When I got to the first place, the guy refused to answer his phone, even though I called him 5 times. He sent me a text 45 min later saying “Someone has just taken the room. Hope you haven’t set off yet.” He somehow managed to miss the text I sent him and the 5 missed calls on his phone. I got to the second place and was told the toilet wasn’t working. It must have been really bad because the estate agent refused to show me the toilet. lol 🙂

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