The Labour Party has elected Ed Miliband as its new leader. Ed, 40, defeated his older brother David, 45, and it was a very narrow victory.

There were four rounds of voting, and the lowest person dropped out at each round. Diane Abbott went out first. Next was Andy Burnham. Ed Balls dropped out in the third round. The votes of each defeated candidate was distributed to the remaining candidates. David Miliband was in the lead in the first three rounds, but his brother Ed won the final round with 51% of the votes.

The five contenders already knew the result as they walked out into the hall where the rest of the party were seated. David Miliband had a huge smile on his face while his younger brother Ed looked sombre (as he reflected on his stunning victory). The other contenders looked impassive, so it was hard to tell Ed had won.

There was loud gasp when everyone realised that David Miliband, the favourite (and supposed leader-in-waitng) had been defeated. Most of the Labour MPs, MEPs and party members voted for David, but Ed won large amounts of the union votes. He ran a left-leaning campaign, calling for an abolition of tuition fees and…

Ok, I need to go to bed so I’ll have to finish this tomorrow. I just want to quickly say how sorry I feel for David Miliband because it must be really tough to lose to your younger brother.

Comments on: "Ed Miliband is new Labour Party leader" (2)

  1. David is a waster and had 3 chances for leadership before labour lost the general election but each time was too chicken to take it. so he deserves what he gets and at least his brother does not look so slimey!!! LOL

  2. Yeah, I COMPLETELY agree. It serves him right for not being more ruthless but on the other hand, he didn’t want to stab Gordon Brown in the back. Now he’s paying for not having the ‘balls’ that his younger brother has.

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