The Birds Eye Bear

I love these Birds Eye adverts. The haunting music and the bear’s deep voice add a sombre mood to each ad.

The Birds Eye Bear comes across as a retired gangster bear who used to rule his patch of Antarctica with an iron paw. Now he spends his time chilling out in people’s freezers, giving them advice. Admittedly, most of his advice is to tell them to eat things made by Birds Eye. 😀 Anyway, I’m adding them to my blog so I don’t forget them.

I liked the way “Fiona” and “Jackie” looked surprised and bewildered when they opened their fridges. I wasn’t too keen on the “Clive” ad though. He had a blank look on his face (maybe he’s seen the Bear way too many times), he didn’t say much, and the ad was 10 seconds too short!


Comments on: "The Birds Eye Bear" (2)

  1. Grace Bergman said:

    I want one of those bears in my freezer, it might tell the kids to shut the freezer after they have been hunting around for Ice Cream

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