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The Top 10 Places You Can’t Go

I saw a cool website today on Twitter. It’s called Listverse, and it specialises in top 10 lists. The lists cover a diverse range of topics, including:

A) The “top 10 Greatest Empires In History“:

10. Ottoman Empire
9. Umayyad Caliphate
8. Persian Empire
7. Byzantine Empire
6. Han Dynasty
5. British Empire
4. Holy Roman Empire
3. The Russian Empire
2. Mongol Empire
1. Roman Empire

B) The “top 10 books that screwed up the world” (in no particular order):

10. Malleus Maleficarum
9. Coming of Age in Samoa
8. The Prince
7. Mein Kampf
6. The Pivot of Civilization
5. Democracy and Education
4. Baby and Childcare
3. The Protocols of the Elders of Zion
2. The Manifesto of the Communist Party
1. Darwin’s Black Box

C) The “top 10 Places You Can’t Go“:

10. Mezhgorye
9. Vatican Secret Archives
8. Club 33
7. Moscow-Metro-2
6. White’s Gentleman’s Club
5. Area 51
4. Room 39
3. Ise Grand Shrine
2. Mount Weather Emergency Operations Center
1. RAF Menwith Hill

D) The “top 10 Misconceptions We Want To Believe“:

10. Fatwas
9. First President
8. Lucrezia Borgia
7. Scientific Method
6. Fat Burning
5. Columbus Hindered
4. King Tut’s Curse
3. American Independence
2. Human Soap
1. Ancient Greece


My Dreams Are Crazy – Part 1

From the author: Everything you see below is fictional.

“I said NO, it’s got nothing to do with that, and I refuse to discuss it any further! Could you just give me what I want?”

Jeez, these doctors can be so irritating! Asking me lots of stupid questions! All I want are some pills to help me get to sleep! Is that too much to ask for?

She’s not even a real doctor, in my humble (angry) opinion. Ok, she did go to uni and qualify and all that, but she keeps trying to get me to use all sorts of herbal, alternative rubbish! I don’t even know why I keep coming back here!

Actually, I do know why I keep coming back here.

My doctor is so hot! Dayum! She belongs on a catwalk, not in a clinic. Even the nurses here are stunning! It’s so weird, come to think of it. It’s like, they have a policy of hiring extremely fit women. Only women. I remember once seeing a male doctor in here, but it looks like he got kicked out a while ago.

Anyway, I digress! Here come my pills.

– End of part 1 –

Leeds United 4 – 6 Preston North End

This is a real football result. Leeds United played against Preston North End earlier this evening and the scores ended 6-4 to Preston. At one point, Preston were losing 4-1 to Leeds, yet they managed to pull it round, scoring their 6th goal in the 79th minute of the match. I feel like I’m 4-1 down at the moment, but I’m sure I will win 6-4 in the end. 🙂

Room search update: I went to see two places today. When I got to the first place, the guy refused to answer his phone, even though I called him 5 times. He sent me a text 45 min later saying “Someone has just taken the room. Hope you haven’t set off yet.” He somehow managed to miss the text I sent him and the 5 missed calls on his phone. I got to the second place and was told the toilet wasn’t working. It must have been really bad because the estate agent refused to show me the toilet. lol 🙂

Mini rant!!!

I feel a mini rant coming on! evil mad evil mad evil

Part one

Lots of annoying little things have been happening at the moment. Some of the things have no major bearing on my life. These include:

  • Alonso winning the Singapore Grand Prix and Lewis Hamilton crashing out (again!).
  • Manchester United dropping two points against Bolton at the weekend, thus failing to capitalise on Chelsea losing to Manchester City.
  • Ronnie O’Sullivan losing the World Open final to Neil Robertson.

Some of them might have a bearing on my life:

  • Ed Miliband becoming the new leader of the Labour Party.
  • Ed Miliband entering the race in the first place!
  • The Labour Party losing David Miliband from front-line politics.

Part two

The other things are really irritating!

I have to find a new flat by 6th October. I started looking for places on Gumtree, but one of my friends recommended MoveFlat. He said that Gumtree was used by “time-wasters” and people from two countries in particular (let’s just call them ” Country A” and “Country S”).

I checked MoveFlat in the morning, and realised it was much better than Gumtree. The adverts seem a lot clearer and they were all displayed neatly on one page. I went away to clean my flat (as you do), and tried to use MoveFlat in the afternoon. No joy! It had crashed!!!!

Blog editor: It’s September. It’s probably all those new students out there.

Moja: %£@#$! students!!! 😡

I kept trying it, but it failed to load, so I used Gumtree. I know Gumtree works well, and I’ve used it in the past. I was just frustrated that I couldn’t use MoveFlat. I called an estate agent about an ad I saw for a place in the docklands, but the property had already gone. They told me about another place, so I went over to see it. There were two places actually. One was too expensive (even though they knew my budget) and the other place was way too dirty. It was frustrating.

Part three

There are other annoying things happening at the moment, but I’ll leave them for another day. I planned to watch The Hangover to cheer me up, but I ended up watching a couple of programmes on BBC One instead.

The first one, Ask Rhod Gilbert, was a comedy show in which Rhod Gilbert and other comedians give funny answers to questions that are given to them. For example:

  • ‘Tony Blair’ asks what people think about his new book ‘A Journey’
  • ‘The Pope’ asks what people thought of his recent trip to the UK, and
  • A panel member asks how many animals the average person eats in a lifetime (Ans = 2,400 animals)

I also watched the first two episodes of Damages. It’s an excellent TV series about a brilliant lawyer called Patty Hewes (Glenn Close), a young lawyer she is training Ellen Parsons (Rose Byrne) and the other lawyers who work at Patty’s law firm. Patty is very scheming and very ruthless, but she gets the job done. The case they’re working on is big and complex, and according to Wikipedia, lasts for the whole of the first series. It’s really good, and I highly recommend it.

Part four

Blog editor: Don’t you think the title of today’s post is a bit inappropriate? It’s not exactly ‘mini’, is it?

Moja: Good point! Let’s end it here.

Blog editor: Did you just hear what I said?

Moja: Good night!

Cow Beauty Soap

Yes, you’re looking at lots of bars of soap. Cow Beauty Soap, to be exact. Made in Japan. All brought into the UK as gifts from my generous Japanese friends.

A friend of mine told me that she LOVED Cow Beauty Soap and asked me to get some flown in from Japan. I used it a few times when I lived in Japan, but I didn’t really think much of it.  I mean, it was soap! Are there really any differences between different brands of soap??

I asked my friends if they could bring me some Cow Beauty soap (soap!) whenever they came to England on holiday (yeah, those were very embarrassing conversations!) and, as you can see, they kindly obliged.

It’s funny because my friends have stopped bringing gifts for me but have continued to bring gifts for my friend (who they don’t even know!). 😀

Ed Miliband is new Labour Party leader

The Labour Party has elected Ed Miliband as its new leader. Ed, 40, defeated his older brother David, 45, and it was a very narrow victory.

There were four rounds of voting, and the lowest person dropped out at each round. Diane Abbott went out first. Next was Andy Burnham. Ed Balls dropped out in the third round. The votes of each defeated candidate was distributed to the remaining candidates. David Miliband was in the lead in the first three rounds, but his brother Ed won the final round with 51% of the votes.

The five contenders already knew the result as they walked out into the hall where the rest of the party were seated. David Miliband had a huge smile on his face while his younger brother Ed looked sombre (as he reflected on his stunning victory). The other contenders looked impassive, so it was hard to tell Ed had won.

There was loud gasp when everyone realised that David Miliband, the favourite (and supposed leader-in-waitng) had been defeated. Most of the Labour MPs, MEPs and party members voted for David, but Ed won large amounts of the union votes. He ran a left-leaning campaign, calling for an abolition of tuition fees and…

Ok, I need to go to bed so I’ll have to finish this tomorrow. I just want to quickly say how sorry I feel for David Miliband because it must be really tough to lose to your younger brother.

Fresh call for alcohol glass ban

From the BBC News website:

Alcohol should be served far more often in plastic glasses and bottles to reduce the injury toll from violent attacks, says Dr Alasdair Forsyth, a researcher from the Glasgow Centre for the Study of Violence.

A fellow expert said targeting city centres and late-night clubs and pubs should be the priority. Check out the rest of the story here.

It’s a shame there are people out there who get quite violent after drinking lots of alcohol. These researchers are suggesting that we start using plastic cups in areas where the most fights occur, and I agree with them. Violent drunks will probably look for other means to injure their victims, but limiting their options makes a lot of sense to me.

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