A good day of football

I played football this afternoon and really enjoyed it. I’m getting much fitter now and my confidence is coming back. I scored a good goal, which made the afternoon even better. We play football for fun, and I think the atmosphere is always very good.

In today’s Premier league, my first team (Manchester United) played against my second team (Fulham) at Craven Cottage. I would obviously prefer a Man Utd win, but the scores ended 2-2 which I think was a fair result. I couldn’t watch the game on TV, but I listened to it on the radio, and the experience was just as good. Radios aren’t going anywhere for a long time!

And speaking of time, I’m in need of much more of it nowadays. Going to bed late and waking up at 9am on my days off isn’t really helping with all these plans I have in mind. I’m therefore going to work very hard at going to bed early on my days off. It might not sound like a big deal to most people, but it is to me!

In other news, my Aunty celebrated her 60th birthday today. I wish her all the best and I pray that she celebrates many more birthdays after today. 🙂


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