First Switch Sunday

Today was a good day. I did some extra cover, so I went to work today. It was a bit quiet, so I spent some time doing a bit of work-related study.

Blog editor: “What do you mean by ‘work-related’ “?

Moja: “Of course it’s work-related! Getting a CCNP will be very useful for my current job, well, current industry/current company.”

Swiftly moving on, I met one of the guys whom I’d bought a switch from. He suggested that I collect it from him in person rather than him posting it to me (as he lives really close to me).

Backstory: I bought three “2950” Cisco switches on ebay. Switches are networking devices that PCs are plugged into. I bought some to help me with my networking studies.

I realised there were two types of types of Cisco 2950 switches. Ones that have standard features, and others that have enhanced features. Please bear with me, the geek-ery will soon be over. I wanted to get ‘enhanced’ switches, but I bid on a ‘standard’ switch before I even knew there was a difference.

I was expecting someone else to make a bid, because switches are always in demand, and I always kept getting outbid on other switches. However, noone else bid on the switch, so I asked the seller if it was an enhanced one. He said he didn’t know (and by then, I had found out it wasn’t). I was tempted to ask him if I could cancel my bid, but I didn’t think that would be nice.

Anyway, I was the only bidder and I won the switch. After I met him, I was really glad that I hadn’t asked him to cancel it. He was really friendly and was giving me tips on how to progress in my I.T. career. It might come to nothing in the end, but he seems like a really good person to know in the industry.

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