A very quick one!

I’ve just got home, so I don’t have much time today! I need to start using the “sending posts by email” option so I can start sending blog posts from my phone.

Anyway, one of my colleagues is flying home to India tomorrow, where she is going to get married. Awww! She’s a really nice girl and I wish her all the best on her new journey. We all went out to a nice Lebanese restaurant called Kaslik, which is in Tottenham Court Road and had a party for her. Aren’t we nice? 😀

It was a very colourful place, it had a very cosy atmosphere, and the food was delicious. I could say lots more about it, but I’m running out of time. Maybe next time. We took LOADS of pictures – I think my colleagues were impressed with my semi-professional Digital Single Lens Reflex camera! Ok, ok, I’ll stop showing off! 😀

The highlight of the evening was the “Lebanese belly dancer” (who’s actually half Pakistani, half English). Whatever! She was good! I wanna go back there….

Oh, back to my friend. Safe journey to India and hope you have a beautiful wedding. See you in a month’s time! 🙂

Pretty belly dancer


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