A new creation theory

Recently, I’ve been thinking about the relationship between people and the planet, and about the way people relate to each other. I’ve been doing this because I want to write a story based on Nigerian mythology, but I want to make changes to the way the earth was formed. I would also like to come up with a new way to the creation of people, and would like to explain where emotions and feelings come from! Complicated stuff,  I know!

I mentioned that I want to base my creation story on Nigerian mythology. This is only partially true. Nigeria has over 250 different tribes, and over 520 different languages! I am from the Yoruba tribe, and  I would like to base my story on Yoruba mythology. The Yoruba creation story is quite well known in Nigeria, so I have found a way to change it without upsetting any of my future readers! 🙂

According to GodChecker.com, this is what happened in the original story. Olorun, the Sky god, gave Obatala the task of creating the earth. At the time, there was only Sky (above) and Water (below). He gave him some mud, a five-toed chicken and a chain, which he was to use to climb down to the water. However, Obatala went to a “god party” and got drunk!

His younger brother Oduduwa came along, took the mud, lowered himself down the chain, and dropped it on top of the water. The chicken (mmm chicken!) hopped onto the mud, and spread it around in all directions, leading to the creation of the earth.

Interestingly enough, the word ‘Olorun’ is now one of the words Yoruba Christians use for ‘God’. Other words include ‘Olodumare’ and ‘Oluwa’. Anyway, I digress!

I like the Yoruba creation story, but I like mine even better! 😉 However, my version is still a work-in-progress, and I am always making changes to it. At the moment, I am trying to understand the relationship between people and natural disasters.

Recent natural disasters in Pakistan, China and Haiti are constant reminders that the earth is not the ‘perfect’ home we all think it is.  Seeing people suffering like that, it sometimes make me wonder what the earth ‘thinks’ of its inhabitants. I am trying to understand what could cause these natural disasters within the confines of my story.

Could the earth be a living being which fights againsts the ‘pests’ that live on it? Is it angry with the way we ‘pests’ like to destroy the earth on a daily basis? Could there be an ‘earth guardian’ that is doing the protection on behalf of its beautiful garden? Are the natural disasters caused by cruel gods, who like to play games with their ‘toy humans’, and see how they respond to floods, earthquakes, tornadoes etc?

Only God knows what idea I decide to go with in the end. I just hope I write something that is interesting and that makes some sort of sense!


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  1. Interesting! As with all oral traditions, the yoruba creation myth has several permutations. For example in some, the whole obatala thing is completely left out and in others the mud is replaced by a magical conch shell that spews forth endless earth.

    As for your ideas about the earth being alive and trying to defend itself from the iknfestation of life, there is a lot of existing science fiction and fantasy exploring that. Look up gaia theory and start from there.

    I’ve always thought the whole tree hugging hippie nature-loving culture was a good fit for fantasy based on traditional african myths. Should be interesting to see what develops!

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