I’ve just finished watching ‘Madness in the Fast Lane’ on BBC One. It was about two identical Swedish twins who caused chaos and panic on the M6 motorway in 2008. They threw themselves into oncoming traffic and were knocked over by several vehicles. One of the twins went on to stab a man to death a couple of days later.

What was so annoying about the programme was the way in which it showed how complex the law is. The twin who stabbed the man was taken to court and was initially charged with murder. In court, both the prosecution and defence lawyers agreed that she had been mentally ill at the time of the homicide. However, they also agreed that she had recovered from her illness by the time she was in court!

The judge said that his hands were tied, because they had both classified her as a ‘low-risk’ offender! After jumping in front of traffic on the motorway, attacking the police, and KILLING someone, how she could have been classified as a ‘low-risk offender’?

The judge had wanted her to be examined before and after sentencing, and he also wanted to give her an indeterminate sentence; he had wanted her to remain in prison until she had been declared as safe to the general public.

Thanks to the defence AND the prosecution doctors/lawyers, the judge could only give her a fixed-term sentence – he sentenced her to 5 years in prison. Naturally, she’s elligible for parole in 2011. As you can expect, the family of the victim, Glenn Hollinshead, could not understand why she had been released from the police station so soon after running onto a MOTORWAY!!!

I just hope that when she is eventually released, we won’t be hearing about anymore crazy stories about these weird twins. Sabina, the twin who killed Mr Hollinshead kept saying “No comment” to the police, so they still don’t know the full picture!

It’s all very sad, and to be honest, very scary. It honestly felt like a horror movie (especially when you found out someone was going to be killed later on). The victim had been trying to help Sabina in her time of need, so it made his death even more poignant. May his soul rest in peace.


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