A Review of Sherlock

I really enjoyed the 3rd and final episode of Sherlock, but I thought Moriarty (the evil arch-enemy of Sherlock Holmes) was shown way too early in the series.

I couldn’t understand why the writers had squeezed so much into the story, but I later discovered that this was the last episode of the (mini) series. The BBC had better bring it back, by the way.

Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson had to solve several puzzles set by Moriarty. It was quite creepy because Moriarty had strapped bombs to several people, and he was forcing them to be his mouthpiece.

There was a point in the episode when it was suggested that Dr Watson was actually Moriarty, but fortunately that wasn’t the case. That would have ruined it! At the end of the episode, we get to see the real Moriarty, but I wasn’t particularly convinced that he was a “cunning, master villain”.

I’m just hoping it was not the real Moriarty, but an actor who’s being forced to play the real villian. Maybe he too has got a couple of bombs strapped to his waist… BOOM! 😀

I couldn’t understand why I didn’t enjoy the 2nd episode as much as the 1st one, until I found out it hadn’t been written by Steven Moffat. He wrote  the  excellent 1st episode and Mark Gatiss (the co-creator of Sherlock, along with Steven Moffat) wrote the equally good 3rd episode.

We’re obviously going to compare Sherlock to Doctor Who (Steven Moffat is currently the head writer of Doctor Who). Sherlock has been so much better, and I think Benedict Cumberbatch, who plays Sherlock Holmes, would have played a much better Doctor Who than Matt Smitt. Aw well…

Anyway, back to Sherlock. I hope the BBC makes many more episodes of it, because it’s very good.

Let’s see… Dr Who (before Matt Smith), Garrow’s Law, Being Human, Luther, The Deep (yes, I did enjoy it)… the BBC’s been producing lots of quality TV shows lately. Keep up the good work.

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