Same as usual?

My new Cisco textbook arrived this morning. It’s the textbook for the new SWITCH exam, and it’s much smaller than the old SWITCH textbook (which was called BCMSN, by the way. Just thought you might like to know. What was that? You don’t actually care about the name of the exam?

Anyway! I had decided to complete a single chapter of the book every single day, starting from today. But here we are at 11:20pm, and I’ve only managed to skim through the book.

I was trying out some other Cisco-related stuff with my computer, so it hasn’t been a wasted day. But still, I haven’t accomplished my goal. There are still 40 minutes left, so I’m going to start reading the book as soon as I finish this post.

In other unrelated news, I went to the gym today and had a training programme written up for me. Actually, I’ll leave that to another post. Okay – I’m off to read. Later.

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