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Interesting thing number 1

I went to an exhibition called “Sargent and the Sea” at the Royal Academy of Arts. I went with two friends of mine who are members of the Royal Academy of Arts (aka Friends of the RA). That’s how I managed to get in for free. 🙂

John Singer Sargent was a painter who was known for his glamourous society portraits. However, he also did many paintings of the sea and these were the paintings on display in this exhibition. He did the paintings in places like Paris and Venice. It was his wife who convinced him to leave America and travel around Europe, so he’s got a lot to thank her for.

I really enjoyed the exhibition. John Sargent was a really good painter. A lot of the paintings were of boats, beaches and of the sea. He also painted people on the beaches and the boats. I wouldn’t pay money to go there, but it was a nice, small exhibition nonetheless.


Evil teamwork

This is a follow-up to the opinion piece I posted on 28th August. I wrote about LP Ariyawathie, the woman from Sri Lanka who moved to Saudi Arabia to work as a housemaid. She was subjected to a month of torture, and returned to Sri Lanka with 24 nails and needles in her body.

I was listening to The Young Turks podcast, and I learnt a bit more about the story. Apparently, she was tortured by a husband and wife. The wife would heat the needles up, and the husband would then insert them into her body.

They inserted the nails and needles into her hands, knees and ankles. They even managed to insert one into her forehead! Talk about evil teamwork!

How did they end up like this? Either, one half of the couple strongly influenced the other half, or they were both like this before they met each other. This is what happens when people have more power than they deserve or can handle.

I am sure we would all be shocked if this had been done to an animal, yet it was done to a fellow human being. What did they think would happen afterwards? Did they think the nails would somehow dissolve into Ms Ariyawathie’s blood and noone would find out? Finally, did they really think they could get away with it?

Highs and Lows

The highs are usually fantasy thoughts,
When I picture a better life for myself.

I become the striker who scores the winning goal,
The author whose books stay at number one,
The photographer whose pictures always come alive.

The lows are reality.
A place where I sometimes don’t want to be.

Where I keep going from one bad @@@ to another,
All of last year’s dreams becoming next year’s dreams,
And success is always being shared amongst others.

Is this how world was REALLY meant to turn out? – part 2

I read the story of LP Ariyawathie, the 49 year-old housemaid from Sri Lanka, who moved to Saudi Arabia in March. Her employer was not happy with her, so he hammered 24 nails and needles into her body!

She said her employer did this to her as a punishment, and also said that he had abused her for a whole month. She moved back to Sri Lanka last week, where she was admitted to hospital.

Doctors have successfully removed 13 nails and 5 needles from her hands and legs. The nails were up to 5cm long. The doctors said the remaining nails did not pose an immediate threat to her life, and they are going to remove them at a later date.

The doctors also said Ms Ariyawaithe was deeply traumatised, and could not sit down or walk properly. I hope she is able to make a full recover and I hope the monster who did this is caught and punished!

Check out the story on BBC News here.

What would possess someone to hammer a nail into another person’s body? Did he ever stop to think about what he was doing? Twenty-four nails and needles is quite a lot, so he can’t say that he did it without knowing what he was doing.

Surely it has something to do with his upbringing. He probably doesn’t see women as being equal to men, and he probably thinks that housemaids can be treated like slaves. It’s a shame, but slavery is still here with us in 2010! 😦

Isn’t Saudi Arabia the country where a judge is looking for a hospital to intentionally paralyse a man who is completely healthy? Yes. Check out CNN’s take on the story here. The man in question had a fight with another man two years ago, and the victim ended up being paralysed.

The victim, Abdul-Aziz al-Mitairy, has asked for the same thing to be done to his assailant, as is his right under Sharia law. The judge in the case is now looking for a hospital that will sever the spinal cord of the defendant, who is said to have confessed to the crime.

Ouch! That is a real-life case of an-eye-for-an-eye justice! I wonder if the same thing should be done to the man who hammered those 24 nails into the body of the poor Ms Ariyawaithe.

Carling League Cup draw versus UEFA Champions League draw

***** Looong football post! Apologies to those who hate football! *****

I sat and watched the draw for the UEFA Champions League a couple of days ago. It was big, flashy affair and it seemed to go on forever! Well, 30 minutes.

The UEFA Champions League is the largest tournament in European club football. This was the draw to determine which groups the best 32 club sides would play in.

My team (Manchester United) is going to play against Valencia, Rangers and Bursaspor (from Turkey). As for the others… who cares about the others? I mean, really, who cares? 🙂

I really wish they could speed it up! The only thing the officials had to do was take some balls out of one goldfish bowl and put them into another goldfish bowl. By the way, each ball represented a football club.

Unfortunately, one of the presenters insisted on telling us the rules in great detail. Boring! To be honest, I was happy when it was all over.

Okay, so it took me all that time to describe the Champions League draw. Now, for the Carling League Cup draw.

The Carling League Cup is a knockout competition played between club sides in English football. They had the draw for the 3rd round today. Just like the Champions League draw, this stage of the competition involves 32 teams.

This time, there were only two goldfish bowls, and they contained blocks instead of balls. Each block represented a football club. A block was taken out of the first bowl and it was paired with a block from the second bowl.

The whole draw took less than 5 minutes. It was great. That’s how to do a football draw.

September 27th

I’ve finally chosen the date of my I.T. exam. I kept postponing it and postponing it, but I can’t put it off for much longer. This exam (Cisco CCNP Switch 642-813) is only the first of three exams that I have to take.

Once I pass all three exams, I will move up the certification ladder (from my current CCNA certification to a CCNP one). Basically, I will learn how to configure the equipment that is used to connect large organisations to the internet.

I feel a bit silly, to be honest. I remember having to take so many exams at university, and here am I, making a big deal over ONE single exam! Dear oh dear!

Anyway, I’ve now chosen the exam date and I went for September 27th, which is exactly a month from now. It’s also the birthday of a close friend of mine, so hopefully it will be a day of double celebration.

I’m glad that I now have a deadline that I can work towards. I definitely achieve more things when I set myself goals and targets. I’m going to have to start writing a daily to-do list to get myself more focused on the things I want to achieve.


I went to see Inception again. It was good because I learnt some things that I’d missed the first time round. I don’t usually go back to watch the same movie at the cinema, but this time I made an exception.

The last movie I watched two times at the cinema was Law Abiding Citizen starring Gerard Butler and Jamie Foxx. I really enjoyed the movie the first time, so I took my younger sister to see it. It wasn’t as good the second time, but it was still okay.

As for Inception, I still left the cinema with many unanswered questions! It looks like I’m going to have to buy it when it comes out on DVD as well! 🙂

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