I woke up in the middle of the night, and kept coughing and coughing, so I couldn’t go back to sleep. 😦 I felt ill and I was too tired to go to work, so I stayed at home.

I tried to book an appointment to see my doctor, but was told the surgery was fully booked. 😦 I then phoned my HR dept, and asked them to send any relevant emails to my personal email address.

I had applied for a vacant position in our Telephony team and had been called to two interviews. Unfortunately, they sent me an email today, saying that I hadn’t been given the job because “I didn’t have the technical skills required for the position”. -> not happy 😦

However, the console (rollover) cable I had ordered yesterday arrived today. Warning – this post is about to get geeky and technical!

I needed the console cable to connect to the four Cisco 2514 routers a friend had given to me. I connected to one of the routers and tried to configure it. It took me all day, and I got frustrated quite a few times. -> not happy 😦

Eventually, I connected to the router’s console port from my PC, but connected to the AUI port (via a tranceiver) from my MacBook Pro.

I told you it was about to get technical!!! I also had to upgrade the IOS on the router (I got the IOS from my flatmate), and I did that using some software called TftpServer on my mac. I was sooo happy when I saw all those exclamation marks that indicate the IOS is being upgraded properly!

It took a lot of internet surfing to get to this point, but it was definitely worth it. I’m still on course to learn how to become a proper network engineer. I also ordered the new Cisco SWITCH textbook. I have until 28th October this year to take the exam, but I plan to take it much earlier.

Ok – so to sum up this day, start of day “sad“, end of day “happy“! In fact, “very happy!” 😀 😀 😀


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