Post-it Moja

When I was leaving one of my former workplaces, some of colleagues bought me a huge A3 sketch pad. I was so happy because I was not expecting anything (ok, I guess I have to explain). They all knew that I l0ved drawing little characters and weird designs because they had seen one of my old sketch pads.

They bought me the A3 sketch pad and a How To Draw Manga art book. I really liked the gifts, and I read through the manga book. The sketch pad was quite heavy, so I always wondered how I would carry it around with me.

A couple of months before I left the company, I had been reading an online comic called xkcd. I think it’s the funniest online come in the world; check out some examples from xkcd – ; ; ; and

I wanted to create an original online comic, so I decided to use post-it notes. I would draw my comics on post-it notes, scan them on to a computer, and post them online.

Four months after I left that old company, I started thinking about my money-making talents (or lack of talents, to be honest). I do not think I can make money from drawing, but I still like doing it.

Today, I decided that I will ONLY draw on post-it notes from now on (as opposed to drawing on random pieces of paper or drawing in sketch pads). I have already done a few ‘post-it scribbles’, so I stuck them into the A3 sketch pad my colleagues had given me.

I’m going to keep it going and try to build up a collection of post-it art. From now on, call me Post-it Moja.


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