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Is this how the world was REALLY meant to turn out?

I’m angry! I was feeling a bit frustrated because of the amount of work I have to do (at work). However, I took a moment to reflect on my current situation, and felt happy that I do have a job to go to. There are lots of people in this world who are in far worse situations than the one I’m in. That made me feel a bit better.
I then watched the news and there was a report on gangs in Zimbabwe. I know that there are gangs all over the world, but I couldn’t believe what I heard. The reporter was interviewing a guy who looked extremely sad. He said that he had been forced to watch his sister getting gang-raped by these bunch of animals! I was thinking to myself how awful that was. But there was more!
After they had finished raping his sister, the gang members forced HIM to have sex with his own sister!!! It’s hard to know what to say after hearing something like that. But it got even worse – the poor guy then found out that he and his sister were now HIV positive.
How on earth can things like this happen in this world of ours? Only God knows how Africa would have turned out if she hadn’t been raped by the rest of the world! I hope that all Africans work hard to repair our poor continent.

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