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New Year’s resolutions

I always keep making New Year’s resolutions and I always keep breaking them! Hopefully, I’ll be keeping these ones throughout next year.
The first thing I want to do is learn Spanish. I’ve already started learning it by listening to the excellent Coffee Break Spanish podcasts by Radio Lingua. They are free to download and I highly recommend them. 

Another thing I’d like to do is improve my writing skills. I have joined a Creative Writing course at City Lit College which starts in January. I will also try to write more posts to help improve my skills.

The last thing I’d like to do is join the gym! I know I know, everyone seems to join the gym at the start of the year!!! Well, I’m going to become one of them, and I’m hoping become a regular at the gym.

As I said earlier, I’m always making plans and resolutions, and I never seem to stick to them. This time, however, I intend to continue with these plans throughout the whole year. がんばります!


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