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I can’t believe I just did that!!!

I was watching a nature show on TV earlier today. The presenter was talking about the fruits of the forest he was standing in, and he mentioned the word “blackberries”. I looked up, expecting to see a mobile phone in his hand! Oh dear!!! 🙂


Laptop for every pupil in Uruguay

Uruguay has become the first country to provide a laptop for every child attending state primary school. President Tabaré Vázquez presented the final XO model laptops to pupils at a school in Montevideo on 13 October.

The ‘youngest headmaster in the world’

(BBC News)
At 16 years old, Babar Ali must be the youngest headmaster in the world. He’s a teenager who is in charge of teaching hundreds of students in his family’s backyard, where he runs classes for poor children from his village.

Is life an illusion?

We are all here today. That is a fact. We can sit for hours and wonder if this is all an illusion, but we will soon become hungry or tired, and we will have to do something about it! Let other people worry about who or what came first. We have to worry about how to make continuous improvements in our lives. We also have to learn how to live in a world that is populated by other people.

Happy news: Malawi windmill boy with big fans

by Jude Sheerin, BBC News
The extraordinary true story of a Malawian teenager who transformed his village by building electric windmills out of junk is the subject of a new book, The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind.

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