I’m back (part 1)

I’m back in England! Well, I actually got back on 28th August and I’m now living in Camden. I’m sharing a flat with my younger brother. It felt weird for the first couple of days, but I soon settled down.

The first things that stuck out were the dull colours used in parts of the London Underground. It looked a bit depressing, but I soon got used to it. I just don’t think there should be any parts of the underground that are grey! It’s a depressing colour! White is a much better colour, in my humble (yet correct) opinion! Fortunately there are some parts of the underground that are white.

Wow – I’ve spent so much time talking about the colour of the underground! The other things I noticed were the age of the trains (they sound creaky) and the heat! But it does look like things are improving, and yes, I’m now getting used to it again.

I’ll stop this post here before it gets too long!

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