I was very sad when I heard that Michael Jackson had passed away. Sad and shocked!!! He was my favourite musician, and he was someone who I thought would never die! I have been listening to his music since Thriller came out in 1982. I was too young to buy the album, but my parents bought it (it was an LP), and I used to listen to him all the time.

I remember all the strange things he used to do, like sleeping in that oxygen tank and having a very close relationship with a chimpanzee (Bubbles). I also remember hearing that his hair had caught fire!!! (Did that event really happen???). Then I remember the awful incident when he held his baby over that balcony (what was he thinking???). Finally, I remember the court case and I remember being sooooo happy when he was found not guilty!!!!

I wish I could have gone to one of his concerts. Aw well… I now hope that his children grow up to be normal kids and I hope that Michael Jackson is remembered for his amazing music and amazing dance routines. May his soul rest in peace. Amen.

Comments on: "Rest In Peace Michael Jackson (1958 – 2009)" (1)

  1. Augusta said:

    Amen. Though Michael Jackson is dead but his music will live forever.


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