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45 min 24 seconds!

I went for another run tonight. Well, it was more like a ‘quick stroll’. My legs felt so heavy. In my mind, I wanted to go faster, but my legs just REFUSED to do so!!! In the end, I recorded a time of 45 min 24.0 seconds (I reckon it was 44 min because it took me about a second to get the iPod out of my pocket!!!). I need to do more leg stretches. I don’t think they’ve fully recovered from my last run. I usually speed up on the way back, but today, I was slow on the way there AND BACK!!! Next run should be on Monday by the grace of God. Hopefully, I’ll have recovered by then!!!

£80 million on ONE player!!!

As a Manchester United fan, I’m a bit sad to see Ronaldo go, but EIGHTY MILLION POUNDS for one player is a lot of money!!

I’m sad to see our best player leave, but he’s been moaning about this move for a long time, so I think it’s time for him to go. Besides, he’s contributed to us winning lots of trophies (3 Premier league titles, 1 Champions league title, 1 FA Cup title, 2 League Cup titles, 1 Community Shield and Fifa’s Club World Cup).

Not a bad return on a player who cost us £12.24m six years ago. I was very excited when he joined, and I was a bit disappointed with how he played in his first 2 seasons. However, he soon settled down, and became such an influential player for us. Being a Man Utd fan, I was able to look past his arrogance and diving, concentrating more on his skillful tricks and amazing free kicks.

Now that he’s leaving, I hope that Rooney will be played in his preferred position in the middle, just behind the main striker. I don’t think that Ronaldo is the only player who should be on his way out, too. I think that players like Scholes, Giggs and Gary Neville should start less games, and players like Nani and Tevez should leave.

I’d like to see us bring in Karim Benzema (a striker) from Lyon, David Silva (a winger) from Valencia and Samuel Eto’o (another striker) from Barcelona. Maybe we only need one new striker, so I’d go for Eto’o. It would also be great if we could bring in another midfield ‘general’.

This is hard!!!!

Maintaining a blog is so difficult! I also think of things that I want to write while I’m away from the computer. However, I always find something else to do while I’m sitting in front of the computer!!!

A sad end to a semi-successful season

I’m sad that we lost the Champions League Final to Barcelona. The final score was 2-0 to Barcelona, but they played so much better than us. We were so awful in that final, and we definitely deserved to lose. We played so well for the first 10 minutes, but we crumbled after Barcelona scored their first goal. Cristiano Ronaldo was the only player who tried his best throughout the match; however, he started to misbehave towards the end.

It is a sad end to the season, but it has been a semi-successful season. We won the Fifa Club World Cup in Japan, we won the League Cup, and we won the Premier league title. だから今年はだいじょだった。らい年がんばれ!!!(Therefore, this year has been okay. Good luck for next year!!!). I know that I’ve made some mistakes in those Japanese sentences!!! 🙂

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