Windy record!

It was very windy today, and I thought it would take me about 50 minutes to complete my run. I have to cross the bridge twice (once on the way there and once on the way back), and I could feel the wind as I went across the first time.

Once I got to the other side of the river, I started running towards the ‘half-way’ point, as I usually do. Today, it was SOOOO windy on the other side, and I was running INTO the wind! I could barely move! I always listen to the same playlist (a combination of Redman’s Red Gone Wild and Lil Wayne’s The Carter 3). This way, I can know how well I’m doing based on what song I’m listening to.

I struggled all the way to the half-way point, so I was hoping that the wind would ‘blow’ me along on my way back. However, I didn’t feel the wind on my way back! I was disappointed, but used the lack of wind to run faster. I don’t know why, but I always seem to run faster when I turn around at the halfway point, and start running home.

Imagine my shock when I got home and realised that I’d achieved a new record of 40 min 27.9 seconds. Woo hoo!!!


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