I just got back from another run. This time it took me 42 min 39.3 seconds, which isn’t too bad. I was pretty fast on the way to the half-way point, but slowed down a bit on my way back.

I’m usually inconsistent but I’ve been consistently meditating every morning and I’ve been running at least twice a week. However, I’m still struggling with studying….

CCNPのべんきょうはちょっとだいじょうぶでも日本語のべんきょうはちょっとたいへん。もうすぐイングランドにかえるだから今日本語をべんきょうしてない。。。(My CCNP studying is going okay, but I’m finding it hard to study Japanese. I’ll soon be going back to England, so I’m not studying Japanese at the moment).

Actually, I’ll study some Japanese tonight before I go to bed!

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