My favourite podcasts

(1) Football Weekly
As the title suggests, this is a football podcast. It’s hosted by the hilarious James Richardson and his equally funny Guardian journalists including The Doctor (Sid Lowe) and Barry
Glendenning. They sometimes stray off-topic which makes it even funnier! The best footy podcast out there!

(2) The Game podcast by The Times
It took me a while to get used to Phill Jupitus, but I now think he’s done a good job.
Gabriele Marcotti has been his usual excited self this season; meanwhile, I’m hoping that becoming a referee hasn’t started to cloud Alyson Rudd’s judgement…

(3) ESPN Soccernet
I discovered this podcast recently, and I really like it.
Adriano Russo, Jon Harris-Bass and Dan Mason are all very funny and very knowledgeable. The wonderful thing about this podcast is that they continue to broadcast it even when the football season has finished.

(4) The Bugle
A very funny and satirical podcast which looks at past and current political events. It’s hosted by Andy Zaltzman (the funniest man in blog land) and John Oliver (who works on some American show whose name I can’t be bothered to look for). A great podcast!

(5) The News Quiz from Radio 4
Another funny political podcast. It’s a quiz show hosted every Friday by
Sandi Toksvig. Each time she is joined by invited guests including the hilarious Fred MacAulay and Jeremy Hardy. I highly recommend it!

(Unfortunately, the BBC doesn’t keep an archive of previous episodes of the News Quiz. By the way, AVOID the unbelieveable awful Now Show which is broadcast whenever the News Quiz is on a seasonal break).

I also like listening to:

Philosophy Bites – Short interviews with the world’s leading philosophers:

Politics Weekly
– (I know, I know, ANOTHER politics podcast:

Business Dail
y (


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