The Champions

We’ve won!!!!!!! Manchester United have won the English Premier League title 2008/2009!!!! Woo hoo!!!!!! 18 titles and counting! We’ve now caught up with Liverpool and will hopefully overtake them next season!!!

Now that Liverpool fans can’t say “But we’ve got 18 league titles…”, I bet they’ll start telling us about their 5 European Cups!

Now, on to Rome!!! ローマいきましょう!!!

Comments on: "The Champions" (2)

  1. Torres No.9 said:

    Well we DO have FIVE european cups!!

    also if u check the top four league this season Liverpool came top.
    so theoretically Liverpool are the best top 4 club in the Prem while ManUre are the best club against the weak little teams like everton and villa…


  2. I’m sorry but the table doesn’t lie!!! 11 draws and not beating the likes of Stoke City etc. We won the league fair and square, with er, not much help from referees either!

    “Look into my eye!” – Apone, from Aliens (1986)

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