The beginning

Welcome to my blog! I have some ideas of how I’d like this blog to turn out, but they’re not set in stone. I’ll just make it up as I go along.

I’ve started doing lots of new things lately, so this will be a diary of my progress.
  • I’ve started meditating for 20 min every morning (although this feels like a 20-min waste of time!). I just sit on my bed, close my eyes, and try to breathe deeply for 20 minutes. I sit there, thinking of all the other things I SHOULD be doing at that moment in time! 🙂 Aw well, I’m still learning. I’ve been meditating for about 5 days in a row…
  • I’ve started going running 3 times a week. Well, I say ‘running’ but it’s more like walking quickly. I’ve been doing that for about a month and I’m really enjoying it!
  • I’ve also started going to the library. I’m trying to pass an IT exam, and I’m studying Japanese. I like the IDEA of studying, but actual studying…. we’ll see how it goes!
  • And finally, I’ve also started writing this blog. Hopefully, this won’t be my first and LAST post!!!


Comments on: "The beginning" (3)

  1. Hello!
    I hope you will continue meditating,running,studying and writing the blog.
    My cat’s blog site is below:
    Good luck!

  2. Thanks a lot! Your blog looks really cool. I like the picture on April 11 of Mei peeking around the corner! She looks very cute!

  3. meditation is good…..clears the mind of a lot of unwanted junk….and get that Library and actually studying thing going!!!!

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