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Happy news: Contact lenses that can cure blindness

by Jo Willey

MILLIONS of blind and partially sighted people could be given their sight back after a major breakthrough by scientists.

Full story:


Another day, another new time

39 min 11.7 seconds – what more can I say? I’m getting faster and faster every time I go jogging. I went jogging yesterday evening, by the way. Just in case you were wondering.
I do accept that I don’t know how many miles I’ve been running, though. I mean, for all I know, I should be doing this sort of distance in 20 minutes! But I’m obviously going to disagree!
I’m going to boldly claim that most people would be doing this time in 50 to 60 minutes! Okay okay, I’m waffling now. Bye.

The Phantom of the Opera (mini review)

I’ve just finished watching The Phantom of the Opera. It was directed by Joel Schumacher and produced by Andrew Lloyd Webber. It was based on Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical of the same name, which came out in 1986.

I really enjoyed it. Maybe I liked it because I had spent one month listening to a soundtrack of the movie before I watched the actual movie. I therefore knew all the songs in the movie beforehand. I only got interested in the Phantom soundtrack (and other musicals) because of Susan Boyle’s rendition of I Dream A Dream from Les Miserables!

I kept humming along to all the songs while watching the film. It was really cool seeing all the scenes to the songs that I’d been listening too.

The story is very interesting. It is set in 1870, and it is about the cast of Paris Opera House, who are haunted by a mysterious ‘ghost’. That’s all I’m going to say about it, except to mention that the film is very visually appealing, and the songs are sung really well.

Windy record!

It was very windy today, and I thought it would take me about 50 minutes to complete my run. I have to cross the bridge twice (once on the way there and once on the way back), and I could feel the wind as I went across the first time.

Once I got to the other side of the river, I started running towards the ‘half-way’ point, as I usually do. Today, it was SOOOO windy on the other side, and I was running INTO the wind! I could barely move! I always listen to the same playlist (a combination of Redman’s Red Gone Wild and Lil Wayne’s The Carter 3). This way, I can know how well I’m doing based on what song I’m listening to.

I struggled all the way to the half-way point, so I was hoping that the wind would ‘blow’ me along on my way back. However, I didn’t feel the wind on my way back! I was disappointed, but used the lack of wind to run faster. I don’t know why, but I always seem to run faster when I turn around at the halfway point, and start running home.

Imagine my shock when I got home and realised that I’d achieved a new record of 40 min 27.9 seconds. Woo hoo!!!

Sumo Banzuke Tournament – May 2009


I just got back from another run. This time it took me 42 min 39.3 seconds, which isn’t too bad. I was pretty fast on the way to the half-way point, but slowed down a bit on my way back.

I’m usually inconsistent but I’ve been consistently meditating every morning and I’ve been running at least twice a week. However, I’m still struggling with studying….

CCNPのべんきょうはちょっとだいじょうぶでも日本語のべんきょうはちょっとたいへん。もうすぐイングランドにかえるだから今日本語をべんきょうしてない。。。(My CCNP studying is going okay, but I’m finding it hard to study Japanese. I’ll soon be going back to England, so I’m not studying Japanese at the moment).

Actually, I’ll study some Japanese tonight before I go to bed!

There is a limit to patience

Cats are cool! 🙂

Check out this cat blog:

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