From the BBC News website:

“Edison Pena, the Chilean miner who famously jogged underground while awaiting rescue, has completed the New York City Marathon.

He came in walking on a bad knee to finish the 26.2-mile (42.4-km) route in less than six hours.

Speaking just before the race, he said he wanted to inspire others, especially children, to run.” Click here for the rest of the story.

(Video from ABC Action News)

If anyone was wondering which of the miners would become a global star, they can stop wondering now. The media have found a new Chilean icon and his name is Edison Pena.

I remember watching a BBC Panorama documentary called Trapped – The Chile Miners’ Story which came out just after the miners had been rescued.

The documentary focused on Edison Pena, who had been nicknamed “the Runner” for running up to 10 km each day while trapped in the mine. His partner Angelica Alvarez, who had found the mining job for Edison, described how she felt when she first heard the news on the television.

The San Jose mine – I heard it and I froze. My sore ached. I felt sick. I went to the bathroom, and I almost threw up.”

The team spoke to Edison after he had been released from hospital, and showed him running on a beach. It was obvious he was going to become a star, and I wasn’t surprised when I heard that he had been invited to appear on “The Late Show” with David Letterman.

(Video from CBS YouTube channel)

Edison Pena is becoming a global star and it looks like he has the perfect personality for TV. Good luck to him! I just hope he isn’t hounded by the media until he becomes burnt-out like so many other celebrities who suddenly become famous after extraordinary circumstances.


From The Independent website:

“Where can you find great meals that won’t break the bank? Samuel Muston tracks down the nation’s top spots for breakfast, lunch and dinner on a budget.”

Click here to see the list. To avoid clicking the website 50 times to see each place, click the blue Autoplay button at the top right-hand side of the first page.

Warning – this website was probably created by an angry liberal (no, not me! :)) and it contains swear words!

George Clarke is a film-maker from East Belfast, and he loves watching Charlie Chaplin films. He was watching the Hollywood premiere of The Circus (1928), and in one of the scenes, he noticed something very strange.

One of the women walking across the screen is holding a device to her ear. He looked at the scene carefully, and realised that she was actually talking into the device!

Was it a time-traveller using a mobile phone? Or was it just someone who was very good at predicting the future? Remember, this film was made in 1928!

There are two videos below. In the first one, George Clark is explains how he discovered the strange footage. It takes him a long time to get to the point; hasn’t he heard of a film editor?? The second video shows the actual scene with the woman (who actually looks like a man!); it doesn’t have any introduction or voice-over from the film-maker.

So, is the ‘woman’ a time-traveller or a super-smart genius who looked into the future and saw it was orange? 🙂

I Screwed You All…

I went to the Apple Store in Covent Garden for Adrian Chiles’ interview with Lord Alan Sugar of Clapton. Alan Sugar is a very successful businessman; he is also notable for being the chairman of Tottenham Hotspurs from 1991 to 2001 and for his role on the TV show The Apprentice.

Alan Sugar has just released a new autobiography called What You See Is What You Get, and he was using today’s interview to promote the book.

(to be continued…)

Change of blog title

I’ve changed the name of the blog again. It’s now called “The Daily Moja” to reflect how I’ve been adding posts to the blog on a daily basis. I’m also planning to change the URL to I’m still in the process of sorting out the new site, so it doesn’t look quite ready yet.

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